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Saturday Morning - Baking Bread

Every couple of years, I have some sort of career shakeup. This time around is a little different.


I got fired from my job at Kabam this week. There were more good times then bad and it was an experience that I relish. The perfect job for the perfect time. But man, I am glad it’s over.


So now what?


I guess I’m going to be a “freelancer”. But I’m not really looking for freelance work. I want something else.


It’s a wonderful feeling to make art. The process, the community and the sense of connection add so much happiness to my life, I don’t know what kind of person I’d be without it. I’ve been really lucky to be able to make it into a career.


You know that feeling of tearing off the crispy end of a freshly baked loaf of bread (yep, this post is about food now). There’s that smell, that texture, that taste. Imagine you worked to bake that bread. Damn, that sounds awesome. Think of that smell as you push your flowery hands through soft dough. Think of that relaxation in your shoulders as you bite into that warm flakey morsel that is your days work. That is the stuff!


All those hard hours of love put into your bread and now you are taking your experience to a successful factory. You manage a line of products, you have input in the recipes and you work with a good crew. You try to appreciate the ease of your station in life, but it sucks. It really sucks. Even though the bread you are making is better than the factory next door. Even though you get paid pretty well. Even though you are appreciated for the job you do. The bread keeps calling. And like the telltale heart, it’s driving you mad. You need to bake.


Back to reality.


So now I’m unemployed and I couldn’t be happier! I want to bake a lot of bread (metaphor bread) and share it with a lot of people (real people). Hopefully, this will open new doors to a more sustainable kind of success. If not, I’ll have to go find a job in a year or so.

With any diligence, I’m going to be able to push out a blog post every Saturday morning. So subscribe if you want to read more.