Art Lead - Dragons of Atlantis 2012 - 2013 

Dragons of Atlantis is one of Kabam's most successful strategy games. I'm in charge of directing all of the artwork for the game. This sometimes means managing our staff artists, hiring and managing outsourcers or just making it myself.


Multitool - Magic: The Gathering 2010 - Present

I've had a really fruitful relationship with Wizards of the Coast. During my time working with them, I've been able to do both concept art as well as card art for MtG. They called me a "multitool", I don't know exactly what that means either.


I helped design the look and feel of Theros. I'll be more specific once more details about the world are released.


I helped design the look and feel of Return to Ravnica too. Ravnica is a super rich setting with a lot of history. I designed a few dozen characters and creatures to help define the guilds as well as various miscellany around the world. One of my designs even ended up inspiring a brand new Planeswalker, Vraska the Unseen.



Innistrad was the first expansion I worked on. I got featured on the packaging a couple of times and was even asked to design and illustrate a new original Planeswalker, Tibalt the Fiendblooded.


Concept Artist - World of Darkness 2009 - 2012

Both my freelance and my game development careers kicked off in the World of Darkness. First, I did interior illustration for White Wolf's book series. Which then transitioned into me spending 3 years working as a concept artist on a Vampire themed MMO for CCP North America. Most of the work I did during that time is still under wraps.


Community Building

WiPpodcast - I did a niche podcast with my wife Ania and a couple of our friends. It was a fun project that got us a lot of additional notoriety within our little community. - After the podcast was no longer running, I teamed up with a programmer, Tim Wilson to create a social community for artists. I worked as its owner, spokesperson, manager, customer support, UI/UX designer. Sadly, I was not able to work on it long distance and it has since passed fully to Tim’s ownership.


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