Erec Rex: The Three Furies

Almost a year ago I did some work on this book cover. It was my very first one and I was very nervous about doing a good job. Performance anxiety is a sure fire touch of death on my art, but I got a lot of help from my wife and I managed to push through it. I'm really proud of this piece and I'm happy to start to show it off now that the book is almost in stores.



Delivered Image:

Final Cover:


Livestream 6-5-10

Totally unplanned and random piece. The sketch for this one was done at the boring tail end of a party and was originally for something else entirely. I only started to get interested in working on it after I added color.  As soon as I committed to using a green-purple base with some warm highlights, I realized that I might want to finish this one.

There are a lot of little tweeks that I can't wait to add to it. But first I need to get some commission work done. More after that!


The longest WiP

This is hardly the longest I've worked on a piece, but I've spent an unhealthy number of hours on this with no end in sight. Ho boy. Time to get crackin', I started work on this in January. It is the result of my charity commission auction that ended Christmas day. Next year, I will get it done in a more timely manner.


Acrylic Painting Reboot

Another livestream pic. I decided to reboot a junky acrylic painting this week. I'm having a lot of fun and I have a good idea of what I want to do with this moving forward. More on this one as I finish it. Which might not be soon considering some upcoming projects.


This week in livestream

Done for WiPTV, the livestream for WiPpodcast. Had a blast working on it. It's heavily inspired by Beksinski's work. Gonna mess with it some more before I go posting it in my galleries.