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I didn't mean to stop updating my blog here. But I had to quit doing WiPtv and it was the crutch that was propping up my personal work habits every week. Basically, what happened was that I got a steady stream of magic cards to work on between October and now. So any weekend that I've had time to paint, has been dedicated to making money instead of building my personal stuff.

Since I won't get to show the cards I did for another 6 months, it might look like I've been slacking. But in truth, the practice that I've recieved doing these cards has upped my game quite a lot. You can see it in this updated WiP of "Hardbako". Which is taking on a diffinitively eastern vibe.


WiPtv Oct 3, 2010

Some sort of mystical giant or something. This will be awesome when it's done.


WiPTV, Aug 28, '10

I keep stalling out on this one. But the pile of little tweeks that keep happening are keeping it moving along. Maybe it will look like something soon~


U-stream, August 01

I didn't know what I wanted out of this piece. So I spent a lot of the time wandering around. Overall, I had fun, but I think I left this one feeling unsatisfied.


Ustream July 24, 2010

I have no idea where I am going with this. Just a fun doodle :) I'm gonna sit on this until I feel the need to work on something half finished. I'm getting ready for Gencon this week and I need to spend some time doing a little business housekeeping before I leave.